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Stand Holder Display Rack

KIZOKU Cell Atty Stand is a cool and funny toy for organizing atomizers with dedicated design, exquisite workmanship and novel style. It is easy to separate and combine with any side, any color and any length with magnetic connection. You can assemble them into different shapes that you like. Moreov..
Ex Tax:$37.99
Kumiho Atomizer Stand, made of aluminum,is customized for 510 atomizers,no suction.It can fit all clearomizers with 510 threading,such as Innokin iClear 30B BDC Clearomizer, Vision Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer V3, Kumiho 3.5ml STV Nova Glass BDC Clearomizer.NOTE:This stand is NOT suitable for clearomi..
Ex Tax:$0.99
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